ExoCube gets integrated into a PPOD

ExoCube has been delivered!

The ExoCube (CP10) flight model pictured below was delivered to CubeSat for the ELaNa X mission with SMAP. The PPOD with the integrated satellite has passed acceptance testing and will soon be mounted to the rocket.  SMAP will launch in a few months from Vandenberg Air Force Base atop a Delta II.

Exocube is a combined effort of Scientific Solutions, Cal Poly, NASA Goddard, The National Science Foundation, University of Illinois and University of Wisconsin.

ExoCube will characterize [O], [H], [He], [N2], [O+], [H+], [He+], [NO+], and total ion density by taking in-situ measurements within the exosphere, while taking particular interest in orbital locations above various radio observatories.  ExoCube uses an active control system to point itself in the desired direction for measurements, and uses passive control to maintain this orientation.